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A Cowboy and a Dancer (P.Metelnick)

A Girl like you (Tina Argyle)

A little bit gipsy (N.Fitzgerald & J.Harris)

American Kids (Randy Pelletier)

Another Somebody (L&N Michel) - "Somebody like you" 

Baby ride easy (Dynamit Dor)

Bad Moon on the rise (Alison Biggs) - "Bad Moon rising"

Barn Dance - "Time marches on"

Beer for my Horses (Christine Bass)

Before the Devil(A.G. Birchall) - "If youre going through hell"

Billy - "Achy breaky heart"

Black Coffee (Helen O'Melley)

Black Horse (Kate Sala) - "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree"

Blue aint your Color (Roy Verdonk)

Brave Soul (Micha Schmidt)

Bring down the House (Cormier & Henley)

Brokenhearted (Gary Lafferty)

Brokenheartsville (P.Metelnick)

Cabo San Lukas (Rep Ghazali)

Canadian Stomp - "Any Man of mine"

Cards on the Table (M.Gallagher) - "I'll Name the Dogs"

Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle)


Chill Factor (D.Whittaker&H.Westhead)- "Turn on the Radio"

Church Bells (Malicounty)

City City - "Margaritaville"

Corn dont grow (Tina Argyle) - "Where Corn dont grow"

Cotton picking Morning (Steve Mason) - "Cotton picking Time"

Country 2 Step (Master in Line) - "Blanket on the ground"

dto.                            - "The next time I'm in town"

Country in the City (F: Markoff)

Cowboy Charleston - "Gravity is a bitch"

Dancing in the Dark(J.Thompson Szymanski) - "Smoke Rings in the dark"

Doctor Doctor (Master in Line) - "Bad Case of lovin you"

Doing our thing (Sandi Larkins) - "That thing we do"

Double shot of crown (F.Harris Jones) - "Bartender"

Down on the Corner (Peter Metelnick)

Driven (Rob Fowler) - "Drive"

Drivin my live away (M&J Castle)

Drunken Cowboy - "Copperhead road"

Eagles Rock (Gaye Teather) - "How Long"

Empty Space (Maria Maag) - "Think of you"

Fake ID (J.Sims & D.Johnser)

Feels (John Huffman) - "The Feels"

Firstorm (Adriano Castagnoli) - "Cajun Hoedown"

First Kiss (Randy Pelletier)

Friday Night Cowgirl (K & P. Lienert)

Get your Feet down (M. Chandonnet) - "1, 2, 3 "

Girl in a Country Song (Micha Schmidt)

God blessed Texas (Shirley K. Batsdon)

Good Time (Jenny Cain)

Groundy Gallopp (Jenny Rockett) - "Sold"

Hallelujah (A.Castagnoli) - "Joy's gonna come in the Morning"

Happy People (Sandra Schuler)

Hey Girl (M. Svensson Erlandsson) - "Come do a little Life"

Holly's Church (Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner) - "My Church"

Home to lousianna (G.Labereque)

Hot sweet smokin (Maxwell) - "I left something turn on at home"

I ain't leaving without your love (K&P Lienert)

I love a rainy night (I.M. Mooney)

I said Hell yeah (P.Richardson) - "Redneck Woman"

Irish Stew (Lois Lightfoot) - "Tell me Ma"


Jambalaya (Ian St.Leon)

Joe & Rosalita (M. Schmidt) - "Aw Naw"

Jolene Jolene (Silvia Schill)

Just a little fun (M.Schmidt) - "Am I  the only one"

Kacey's Moon (Mathew Sinyard) - "Neon Moon" (Brooks+Dunn)
dto                             "Neon Moon" (Brooks+Dunn ft. Kacey Musgraves) 

Kid Rock Alabama (Heidi Hlousek) - "Sweet home Alabama"

Lay down and dance (Fiona & Roy) - "Baby lets lay down"

Let's roll with it (M.Schmidt) - "Roll with it"

Little white Church (Nathalie Di Vito) 

Lost in me (David Villellas) - "Wagon Wheel" 

Messed around (Paul McAdam)  - "Lodi"

Messed up in Memphis (Dee Musk)

Missing (Heather Barton)

Old Beach Roller Coaster (Martina Ecke) - "Roller Coaster"

On the Pontoon (M.Schmidt)

One Shot (Nahman) - "Love in one shot"

Open Heart Cowboy (Sandrin & Magali) - "Little yellow blanket"


Pavement Edns (Gudrun Schneider)

People are crazy (Gaye Teather)

People are good (Garry O'Reilly) - "Hotel California"

Pina Colada Cha Cha (J.Birch & C.Hagen) - "Two Pina Colada"

PL Shuffle (Peter Lienert) - "No, No, Never"

Priscilla (M.Schmidt)

Quater after one (Levi J.Hubbard) - "Need you now"

Red Staggerwing (G.Langford)

Rhyme or Reason (Rachel McEnany) - "It  happens"

Roots (Tina Argyle)

Rose Garden (Jo Thompson Szymanski)

She wont be lonely long (K & P. Lienert)

Silver Lining (Maggie Gallagher)

Small Town Trowdown (Jane Ditch)

Somebody like you (Alan G.Birchall) 

Someone else (C.H. Black) - "Someone else callin you baby"

Southern Streamline (Mack Apaapa)

Somewhere in my Car (R.McEnaney)

Sugar & Pai (K.Haugen) - "Whos bed have your boots been under"

Summertime Blues (Angela Falkenberg)

Tag On (David Villellas) - "To strong to break "

dto.                     - "Anytime I'm smiling"

Tears on o Highway (F.Sittrop) - "Calm after the Storm"

Telepathy (Chris Hodgson) - "Exept for Monday"

The Boat to Liverpool (Ross Brown)

The Bucket (Gudrun Schneider) - "Suds in the Bucket"

The Gambler (G.Dube & D.Henley)

The Trail (Judy McDonald) - "Trail of Teary"

The World (M.Gallagher)

Three Nights (U.Küpper-Neumann)

Time marches on ( Tracy Lawrence)

Tipperary Girl (Manuela Kaiser)

Toes (Rachel McEnany)

Tornado (Gail Smith)

Truck a Truck (Jose Ferrer) - "A Girl who loves to truck"

Tush Push (J.Freeazzano & K.Engel) - "Every little thing"

Urban Grace (Master in Line) - "But for the Grace of God"

Walk of life (Rachel McEnaney)

Walk the Line (Sandi Larkin) - "My Maria"

Wave on wave (Alan G. Birchall)

White Rose (Gaye Teather)

Wings of Love (P) -  "Dear Diamond"

Wishfull thinking (Jim O'Neill) - "Lovin all night"

Woman Trouble (T.Argyle & K-H- Winson) - "Take it easy"

Wonna be me (Edward Lawton)  - "Who wouldn't wonna be me"

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